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Premium Asbestos Soil Removal Services in Brisbane, Queensland

If you discover asbestos on a construction site or in a civil location, it’s important that you have someone to turn to for help. Inhaling these dangerous fibres can led to various lung-related diseases and ultimately, death. Therefore, it’s vital that asbestos is disposed of quickly and by experts who have the professional equipment to deal with the issue safely.
Those who work within the building industry are perhaps most at risk of asbestos, as they’re more likely to encounter it on a regular basis. However, it can still be found in many homes and public buildings, so it’s never worth taking a chance. Hiring a certified asbestos soil removal company will dramatically minimise, if not eliminate, this risk. 

Effective asbestos soil removal in Queensland

Established in 2006, Asbestos Extraction and Containment QLD specialises in the removal of hazardous waste from civil, mining, construction and industrial sites. As a locally owned and operated company, we’ve been providing professional asbestos soil removal services to clients for almost a decade and are fully certified and approved as an 'A' Class Removalist with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. We are also fully insured.

Offering free quotes for all potential projects, we work thoroughly to ensure that when we’re called in to deal with asbestos, we deliver a top-quality job. Operating to the highest safety standards and using the most up-to-date equipment, we’ll resolve your asbestos problem in no time.

From removing and disposing contaminated soil and other hazardous materials, to dealing with the asbestos itself, we do it all. Our friendly team will also contain and seal off any asbestos products and dispose of all hazardous waste for your ultimate convenience. 

Serving clients throughout Queensland, you can trust Asbestos Extraction and Containment QLD every time.

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Call us today on  07 3341 6320 or 0438 802 770 for more information on asbestos removal in Queensland or for a free quote!

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